• Sugar beet being drilled with Strube UK's pasteur sugar beet seeds

About Strube Sugar Beet

Strube is a global seed company which has been specialising in the breeding and production of new varieties of sugar beet and wheat for over 140 years. With its headquarters in Söllingen, Lower Saxony, Germany, today, Strube supports and markets 256 crop varieties in 35 countries, including sugar beet, wheat, sunflowers, peas and sweet corn.

The company was founded in 1877 by Friedrich Strube, a farmer with an interest in crop improvement; he set up a new enterprise in 1877 at Schlanstedt in Upper Saxony, which was then the German centre of plant breeding.  For 20 years, he built a reputation for innovation among fellow researchers.

Hermann Strube took over the Company from his father in 1898 at the age of 19 and developed international markets, backed by modern plant breeding facilities and ambitious research. His wife Elizabeth took over when Hermann died in 1919 and successfully saw the company through a difficult time.

Johann-Friedrich Strube succeeded his mother and rebuilt the Company in West Germany after it had been seized by eastern occupation forces. He was followed by his son Hermann-Georg who increased international activity with joint ventures in research and marketing.  He was also responsible for initiating the major investments that Strube continues to make in research and technology in seed quality.

Sina Isabel Strube, the daughter of Hermann-Georg, joined the Management Board of the Company in 2007. She developed a more effective distribution organisation for Strube, widening the range of activities by introducing sunflower breeding in 2011 and strengthening overseas activities.

On 1st April 2018 the companies Deleplanque & Cie and SUET Saat-und-Erntetechnik GmbH have acquired the Strube seed company. Both companies are important partners of Strube, with close cooperation between the three companies  for several decades. From the breeding and the seed production to the delivery of the finished product to customers, the change of ownership puts the entire value chain in one management: “We aspire to become one of the leading seed companies in Europe,” explains Eric Verjux, Chairman of the Board of Deleplanque.

Today, we are one of the world’s leading sugar beet breeders and sugar beet seed providers.  Strube’s sugar beet seed portfolio includes the British Beet Research Organisation / British Society of Plant Breeders Recommended List varieties HaydnDegas and new Gauguin.

At Strube we enjoy a long-standing reputation for innovation, which is backed by our strong and continual investment in research and development. The aim of our researches is not only to continue to increase sugar beet yields, but also to develop improved tolerances to diseases, drought and environmental stresses – vital work in a world beset by climate change and increasingly challenging sugar beet growing conditions.


About Strube Sugar Beet UK

Strube UK are based at the heart of  UK sugar beet growing in Fakenham, North Norfolk.  From Fakenham, our team of local sugar beet experts can offer you a personalised, local service throughout the season to help you to achieve the best possible yields and profitability from your sugar beet.  The Strube UK team run regular sugar beet trials and research activities in the UK, all of which you are welcome to be a part of.

Contact Strube Sugar Beet

The Strube UK team are here to help, so if you would like any advice or assistance regarding sugar beet seeds, sugar beet growing or sugar beet research then please do not hesitate to contact the Strube UK team.  You can call Richard at our Fakenham office on 07449 82 56 28 or email him here.

We look forward to helping you to build a better sugar beet business.


The Strube UK Team