• Sugar beet being drilled with Strube UK's pasteur sugar beet seeds

Sugar Beet Bolting Resistance

Strube UK Sugar Beet – The Best Bolting Resistance

In the last three years of UK official trials, all but one of Strube UK’s varieties have shown among the best sugar beet bolting resistance levels of all the varieties on the BBRO/BSPB Recommended Lists. It is well known within the industry that the ability to drill the sugar beet crop early can make a very significant difference to the final yield and, to have the flexibility to drill as early as conditions will sensibly allow, it is essential to select varieties that have the best bolting resistance.

Strube UK’s Sugar Beet Varieties

On the 2018 BBRO/BSPB Recommended List of Sugar Beet varieties, both Strube UK’s Pasteur and Haydn still look well-placed for bolting resistance as you can see below:

Early sown bolters:

Early sown bolters per hectare - 2018 BBRO / BSPB Recommended List

Haydn and Pasteur have consistently produced low numbers of bolters from early sowings. Whilst differences in other parts of the List may be small, in bolting Haydn has 6 times fewer bolters than the weakest variety, or, to put it another way, the weakest rhizomania tolerant variety produced 600% more bolters than Haydn when sown early.

Normal sown bolters:

Normal sown bolters per hectare - 2018 BBRO / BSPB Recommended List

Degas has produced no bolters from normal sowings in the last three years of trials. The variety with the weakest resistance to bolting has, by contrast, produced 161 bolters per hectare – even at normal sowings, which is not acceptable. Haydn and Pasteur is also well-placed.

As one famous, now-retired British Sugar fields man once told me, “Most sugar beet growers have enough bolters without wanting any more!”  And as a rider to that he added, “And they have better things to be doing in July and August than pulling bolters!”

Like Some More Help Choosing Your Sugar Beet Varieties

If you would like some more advice on which sugar beet varieties to plant, then please do not hesitate to contact the Strube UK team.  Alternatively you can contact us by calling Richard at our Fakenham office on (01328) 851572 or by emailing him by clicking here