• Sugar beet being drilled with Strube UK's pasteur sugar beet seeds

Seed Breeding Objectives

Sugar Beet Seed Breeding at Strube UK

BBRO Recommended List leading sugar beet seed varieties such as Strube UK’s Haydn, Degas and Gauguin and don’t come into existence by accident. These sugar beet seed varieties are the product of years of concerted breeding research on our part and are a response to the increasingly high demands placed on sugar beet breeders by the farming community and the demands imposed by climate change.

The requirements for sugar beet and grain seed varieties have increased steadily over the past 15 years. In particular, “resistance breeding” against diseases and pests has acquired an ever greater significance within classic breeding objectives. Today, Strube are setting up multiple resistances against leaf, ear and root diseases, while simultaneously boosting yield and improving sugar beet seed quality.

In our breeding programs we also include plant traits suitable for biomass production for energy generation. We genetically track tolerances against abiotic stress factors such as water or nutrient deficiency and examine these in special horticultural tests.

The result of our sugar beet breeding efforts is a range of sugar beet seeds that are not only capable of delivering high yields, high sugar concentrations and high levels of disease resistance today, but a new range of even higher quality seeds for tomorrow.

Find out more about Strube UK’s Sugar Beet Seed Breeding

If you would like to know more about Strube UK’s sugar beet breeding objectives, then please do not hesitate to contact the Strube UK team. Alternatively you can contact us by calling Richard at our Fakenham office on (01328) 851572 or by emailing clicking here.

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