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Strube UK’s Sugar Beet Blog is where you’ll find the latest sugar beet posts from Strube and a selection of sugar beet expert contributors. On the blog you can read about the sugar beet crop and farmers’ challenges and successes as the season progresses.

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21/07/16 - Posted by Richard Powell

Sugar beet seed prices: latest analysis

When it comes to choosing sugar beet seed in times where all input costs have to be carefully scrutinised, there is definitely some room for cost-effective decision making and savings on input costs. Take a look at our latest analysis on sugar beet seed pricing. Read more

21/07/16 - Posted by Richard Powell

Sugar Beet Seed: The Story

Robin Limb argues that Sugar Beet Seed Breeding is a massively under-rated industry and goes a long way in explaining the price of Sugar Beet Seed. Something to think about as your latest contracts land. Read more

20/07/16 - Posted by Richard Powell

Sugar Beet Growers: Brexit impact

What does the impact of the EU Referendum have on UK sugar beet growers? Robin Limb takes a view on life outside the EU, what prices and the global marketplace may look like and proposes that the UK Sugar Beet Industry is well placed to rise to the challenge. Read more

13/06/16 - Posted by Richard Powell

Sugar Beet: Sweet dreams made of this?…

Robin Limb, leading Sugar Beet expert takes a look at the world sugar market – global production, trade agreements, the cure for low prices and the winners and losers – and asks are sweet dreams made of this?… Read more

03/05/16 - Posted by Richard Powell

Sugar Beet: In, Out, Undecided?

Robin Limb, leading Sugar Beet commentator, suggests that its make your mind up time for Sugar Beet Growers. Coinciding with the UK electorate decision on EU membership, Robin takes a look at the decision facing sugar beet growers and asks are you In, Out or as of yet Undecided?… Read more

02/05/16 - Posted by Richard Powell

Strube UK’s Sugar Beet experts: Meet the team

The Strube UK’s Sugar Beet team, headed up by Richard Powell brings together a wealth of experience and knowledge which makes us your natural sugar beet partners. Find out a bit more about us… Read more

28/04/16 - Posted by Richard Powell

Sugar Tax: Soft drinks a soft target?

Following on from his insightful piece – The War on Sugar – Robin Limb, leading Sugar Beet consultant takes a closer look at the UK government’s plans to impose a tax on sugar-containing soft drinks and asks if it’s right, and what’s the impact on sugar beet growers? Read more

22/12/15 - Posted by Richard Powell

Field Report: Mark Ireland talks Sugar Beet 2015

Leading UK sugar beet grower, Mark Ireland, gives his assessment of the UK’s 2015 sugar beet season. Read more

14/12/15 - Posted by Richard Powell

Field Report: 2015 Sugar Beet Season

We revisit Norfolk Sugar Beet Farmer, Ed Lankfer to find out what the 2015 Sugar Beet season has been like for him. Read more

09/12/15 - Posted by Richard Powell

Sugar Beet: The war on Sugar

When politics, health, and commercial interests collide…leading Sugar Beet expert, Robin Limb, takes a look at the war on Sugar and argues why Sugar beet has a justified place in modern-day agriculture. Read more