Sugar Beet News

Sugar beet news from Strube UK, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of sugar beet seed and varieties


Sugar beet seed price: new analysis available on our website

New analysis on sugar beet seed pricing has been added to Strube UK website. In these times where all input costs have to be carefully scrutinised, there is definitely some room for cost-effective decision making and savings on input costs. Read more


UK Sugar Beet Trials: 28 Strube varieties included

Strube UK have 28 Sugar Beet varieties in the UK Recommended and National List Trials this year. Read how our first evaluation went in June, with the Strube Product Marketing team. Read more


French Sugar Beet grower of the Year 2016

The winner of this year’s French Sugar Beet grower of the Year utilises the latest techniques but with an eye on the costs and is confident in the future of Sugar Beet. Read more


Sugar Beet Varieties: Strube registrations in 2016

42 Sugar Beet varieties have been registered by Strube in 2016. Registrations which demonstrate, how sugar beet varieties are moving towards multiple tolerances, and, Strube’s continuing commitment to researching and developing ever-better sugar beet varieties. Read more


Does your Sugar Beet deserve a Board?

Do you have a field of sugar beet of a Strube variety that you are proud of? Is it next to a main road and if so, would you like a fine field board to state that it is ‘For home-grown sugar’? Read more


Sugar Beet Drilling Season Review – May 2016

The Sugar Beet drilling season to date has been frustrating and prolonged, Richard Powell, Strube UK MD reviews the season so far and despite the conditions shares his hopes for another record breaking year and beyond. Read more


Sugar Beet seed analysis: Strube’s new phenoTest

Strube’s new 4D-PhenoTest paves the way in sugar beet seed and plant analysis. In cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute, Strube has developed a new high-throughput germination test for sugar beet seeds and resulting seedlings. Read more


Plant Breeding Matters: BSPB’s new video series

To help us all understand the real and immediate benefits of modern plant breeding, BSPB has launched a new video series entitled “Plant Breeding Matters”. Read more


Sugar Beet Growing After Quotas: The Options

Strube Sugar Beet’s MD reflects on the recent grower meetings and the future for beet post quotas Read more


Strube R&D visit UK Sugar Beet Trials

Strube R&D team visit the UK to review the 2015 sugar beet trials and meet with the BBRO Read more