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Newsletter letterbox 2017

All Strube sugar beet seed varieties for the UK market have completed National and Recommended List trials and are Recommended by the BBRO/BSPB.


Haydn sugar beet is a commercially fully proven and reliable Rhizomania-resistant sugar beet variety that delivers strong yields, good sugar contents and the some of the lowest bolting available from both early and normal sowings.

Haydn made up one fifth of the phenomenal and record-breaking 2017 crop and is, once again, in 2018 one of the UK’s most popular varieties, with 10% of the UK National crop area, and with good reason.

Since its initial Recommendation five years ago, Haydn has consistently provided all the characteristics that help to deliver a dependable and profitable high-value sugar beet crop. Add to this: excellent establishment and large healthy tops, that cover the ground quickly, and you have a special and handsome variety.  Read more


Degas sugar beet, first Recommended in January 2017, is a resilient and adaptable Rhizomania tolerant variety which makes up nearly 10% of the 2018 UK National crop. With high yields and top 3 sugar content, Degas offers an excellent, versatile agronomic package which includes good establishment, good ground cover and good bolting resistance from drillings after the 15th March.

Among the most popular varieties in UK fields in 2018, Degas is a complementary variety to Haydn with high yield, high sugar content and respectable low bolting from normal sowings, a good replacement for those that liked our variety Pasteur.  Read more


New for 2019, Gauguin sugar beet offers high yields, a high level of tolerance to Beet Cyst Nematodes (BCN), resistance to Rhizomania and very low bolting – the lowest early-sown bolting of all the BCN tolerant varieties on the 2019 Recommended List.

Gauguin can be drilled as early as sensibly practicable, having demonstrated early-sown bolting lower even than Haydn in three years of trials. With excellent establishment and vigorous growth, Gauguin will help you to win the race to 12 true leaves by early May to protect against aphids.  Read more.


With Strube sugar beet varieties, you not only get some of the finest sugar beet seeds, but also the finest support. From our base in Fakenham, North Norfolk, Strube UK’s team of dedicated sugar beet seed experts are here to support you through every stage of the beet growing process.

Download the latest Strube Sugar Beet Variety Guide here.

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