• Sugar beet being drilled with Strube UK's pasteur sugar beet seeds

Sugar Beet Varieties

All Strube sugar beet varieties for the UK market have completed National and Recommended List trials and are Recommended by the BBRO/BSPB.

Haydn Sugar Beet 

Haynd should again be the foundation of every grower’s crop in 2017. HAYDN made up 20% of last year’s record breaking UK sugar beet crop – the maximum allowed by British Sugar for a single variety. It continues to offer the best combination of high yield, high sugar content and the lowest bolting of all the sugar beet varieties on the BBRO/BSPB 2017 Recommended List. High sugar content reflects directly in potential income, while low bolting gives you the flexibility to drill the crop as early as you wish.   Read more

Pasteur Sugar Beet 

The flexibility of early drilling, excellent emergence and high sugar content make Pasteur a firm favourite with many sugar beet growers. Commercially proven and with reliable performance over many different seasons, soil types and harvest dates, Pasteur should be part of your plans for 2017. Pasteur offers some of the lowest bolting from early sowings of any variety on the new List. It also shows excellent establishment with vigorous growth, and its excellent canopy helps to prevent late weeds and summer egg laying by wheat bulb fly .    Read more

Thor Sugar Beet

Thor provides an affordable and fully effective way of growing a profitable crop when BCN infestations are suspected or present, giving good yields in fields of low, moderate and high infestation with markedly lower multiplication of nematodes numbers (pF/pI) compared to “light-tolerant” and non-tolerant types.

Thor sugar beet has shown good establishment and is the only fully recommended BCN tolerant variety suitable for early sowing. This low bolting allows Thor to provide the opportunity to get the yield benefit from earlier drilling with a considerably reduced risk of bolters.  Read more

Davy Sugar Beet – NEW

Davy provides a new alternative in the battle against nematodes, with powerful tolerance to BCN and strong reduction in multiplication.  It will give good sugar yield in un-infested conditions (equal to mean of control varieties). Good establishment with strong, uniform growth.  Read more


With Strube varieties, you not only get some of the finest sugar beet seeds, but also the finest support. From our base in Fakenham, North Norfolk, Strube UK’s team of dedicated sugar beet seed experts are here to support you through every stage of the beet growing process.

Download the latest Strube Sugar Beet Variety Guide here.

Find Out More About Strube UK’s Sugar Beet Varieties

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