• Sugar beet being drilled with Strube UK's pasteur sugar beet seeds

Degas Sugar Beet Seed

Degas sugar beet

Degas sugar beet

Degas:  Top 3 sugar and consistent high yields

  • Rhizomania resistant
  • Diploid N type – sugar balance variety
  • Recommended in January 2017
  • Status: PR2

Degas sugar beet, first Recommended in January 2017, is a resilient and adaptable Rhizomania tolerant variety which makes up nearly 10% of the 2018 UK National crop. With high yields and top 3 sugar content, Degas offers an excellent, versatile agronomic package which includes good establishment, good ground cover and good bolting resistance from drillings after the 15th March.

Among the most popular varieties in UK fields in 2018, Degas is a complementary variety to Haydn with high yield, high sugar content and respectable low bolting from normal sowings, a good replacement for those that liked our variety Pasteur.

High sugar content helps to deliver increased income and Degas has averaged over 18.0% sugar content in each of the last three years of National trials. This also makes Degas worth considering as a cost-effective “transport” variety, if haulage is from a greater than average distance. Degas is a competitively-priced, neat and tidy sugar beet, bred to yield increased profits for UK growers.

Degas is already a commercial variety and National Listed in France and Denmark and offers UK growers another useful, high-performance genetic on the 2019 Recommended List at a realistic and competitive price.

All in all, a neat and tidy sugar beet with very large tops and good looking uniform roots.

Why choose Degas Sugar Beet Seed?

  • High sugar yield and sugar content
  • Low bolting from normal sowings
  • Large tops and vigorous growth giving good ground cover
  • Competitively priced high value variety

How to use Degas:

  • Complementary variety to Haydn with high yield, high sugar content and low bolting, potentially a replacement for those that like Pasteur
  • Suitable for all soil types and drilling after March 15th.
  • Excellent cost-effective transport variety
  • Harvest early or late

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