• Sugar beet being drilled with Strube UK's pasteur sugar beet seeds

Haydn Sugar Beet

HAYDN: A first choice variety again for 2018


Haydn sugar beet

Haydn sugar beet

  • Rhizomania resistant
  • N type – sugar balance variety
  • Recommended January 2013

Haydn, from Strube, is yet again one of the UK’s most popular, rhizomania-resistant sugar beet varieties in 2017 with nearly 20% of the UK National crop area and provides all the characteristics that help to deliver a dependable and profitable sugar beet crop.

Haydn is a high-value sugar beet with the appeal of proven high yields, the merit of a decent sugar content and the some of the lowest bolting available from both early and normal sowings. Add to this excellent establishment, large healthy tops that cover the ground quickly and you have a handsome variety.

Why choose Haydn Sugar Beet?

  • Commercially proven Fully Recommended variety
  • Some of the lowest bolting available
  • The best combination of high sugar yield, high sugar content and very low bolting available
  • Competitively priced high value variety

How to use Haydn Sugar Beet

  • Suitable for all soil types – a true all-round variety
  • Ideal for the earliest drillings, but also normal and later sowing dates
  • High sugar content for more profitable crops and more cost-effective transport
  • Suitable for early harvest, mid-campaign or for leaving late

Haydn Sugar Beet: Consistency of Yield 

Analysis of the BBRO/BSPB 2018 Recommended List and the three years’ of data behind it shows that Haydn is well placed for the key combination of high yield and high sugar content.

Haydn has achieved excellent trial results consistently over the last three years, with trial seed being taken from very large tonnages of commercial bulks, rather than it’s performance being derived from a few kilos of seed used just for new varieties. It is this reliable performance across a range of seasons and conditions that has ensured Haydn’s continuing popularity as a cornerstone of many growers seed selection. Haydn can be relied upon to deliver on its promise.

Haydn Sugar Beet: Very Low Bolting

Bolters are unsightly and costly, both in terms of their control and their effect in the crop. Some growers, who take bolters seriously, last year spent up to £200 /ha. controlling bolters in their sugar beet crops.

Good bolting resistance gives you more flexibility at the start of the season. It is well established that the best yields can come from crops drilled in the first few weeks of March. Without good bolting resistance growers can find they have to wait too long to make a start on drilling, losing time, yield and money. The potential of the crop can decrease by up to a tonne per hectare for every day that drilling is delayed beyond the middle of March.

Many growers want at least one variety in their selection which they can safely drill as soon as conditions allow without giving themselves a problem with masses of bolters. Our varieties, Haydn and Pasteur, have consistently shown the some of the lowest levels of bolting from both early and normal sowings, and this is one of the reasons for their remarkable and enduring popularity.

The biggest differences to be found on the Recommended List are in the levels of early and normal sown bolters. While there are differences of just a few percentage points in yield, the differences in the levels of bolters are up to 600%. And worryingly, the levels of both early & normal sown bolters have been creeping up. Many are just unacceptable. Those deemed particularly unsuitable for earlier sowing are now flagged on the Recommended List with a # mark.

With good resistance to bolting, earlier sown crops grow strongly and achieve the early leaf cover which boosts sugar yields, without the unwanted work of pulling bolters in the summer months.

In the last three years of official trials (2014-2016), Haydn has produced some of the lowest numbers of bolters from both the early and normal sowings of any variety available. With Haydn, you can drill early with more confidence and look forward to the yield benefit. The ability to drill the sugar beet crop early can make a 10% difference to the final yield. However, to have the flexibility to drill early as conditions sensibly allow, it is essential to select varieties that are as bolting resistant as possible.

If you wish to manage the risk of bolting and avoid the hazard of a sore back in the summer months from pulling bolters, choosing a more bolting resistant variety, like Haydn, is a good start.

Haydn Sugar Beet: Sugar Content

Haydn enjoys excellent sugar content. Remember, 0.1% increase in sugar content delivers a 0.5% increased return and improved transport efficiency. In fact, the old rule-of-thumb indicated that a 1% higher sugar content meant  that you are 10% better off. Maximising the amount of sugar on every load of sugar beet leaving your farm is obviously a sensible and desirable objective, and a high sugar content reflects directly in income, as years like 2016 demonstrated only too clearly.

Download the latest Strube Haydn Sugar Beet Variety Guide here.

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