• Sugar beet being drilled with Strube UK's pasteur sugar beet seeds

Landon Sugar Beet – NEW for 2018

LANDON: Very high Sugar Yields from later sowings


Landon sugar beet

Landon sugar beet

  • Rhizomania resistant
  • Diploid N type – sugar balance variety
  • Recommended January 2017
  • Status: PR1

Landon, from Strube, is a new sugar beet variety that provides an excellent all-round agronomic package – consistent, very high Sugar Yields and Adjusted Tonnes with high Sugar Content, excellent establishment and moderate levels of Normal sown bolters.

Landon is a high-value sugar beet, that is already a commercial variety in France and Sweden, and which offers a valuable source of alternative genetics at the top of the 2018 Recommended List.

Landon is not suitable for earlier drillings (before mid-March), but has acceptable bolting resistance for normal sowings and is ideal for later drillings when the risk of bolting is much reduced.

Why choose Landon Sugar Beet?

  • Consistent very high Adjusted Tonnes
  • Top three sugar content
  • Top three establishment

(with the withdrawal from the market of Leesha KWS, Salamanca KWS and BTS470, LANDON now offers the highest sugar content of all varieties available AND the highest establishment of all varieties available)

  • Competitively priced high value variety

How to use Landon Sugar Beet

  • Suitable for all soil types
  • Ideal for normal and later sowing dates
  • High sugar content for more profitable crops and more cost-effective transport
  • Suitable for mid-campaign or for leaving late

Landon Sugar Beet: Consistency of Yield 

Analysis of the BBRO/BSPB 2018 Recommended List and the three years’ of data behind it shows that Landon is very well placed for the key combination of consistent high yield and high sugar content. See graph below:

Landon 3 year Adjusted Tonnes


Landon has achieved excellent trial results consistently over the last three years and can be relied upon to deliver on its promise.

Landon Sugar Beet: Sugar Content

Landon has the second highest sugar content on the BBRO / BSPB 2018 Recommended List, consistently nearly 0.25% above the control mean. Remember, 0.1% increase in sugar content delivers a 0.5% increased return and improved transport efficiency. In fact, the old rule-of-thumb indicated that a 1% higher sugar content meant  that you are 10% better off. Maximising the amount of sugar on every load of sugar beet leaving your farm is obviously a sensible and desirable objective, and a high sugar content reflects directly in income, as years like 2016 demonstrated only too clearly.

Landon sugar content graph


Download the latest Strube Landon Sugar Beet Variety Guide here.

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