Parent Company of Strube UK Acquired

In an exciting development for the UK sugar beet seed industry, the family-owned German seed company, Strube GmbH & Co KG, known for its popular sugar beet varieties, such as Haydn, Pasteur and Degas, has been acquired by the independent French seed company Deleplanque & Cie and by the German pelleting company SUET Saat-und Erntetechnik GmbH.  This will create a major new force in European sugar beet seed breeding.

Three Become One

The three companies have been working together for decades; Deleplanque is the exclusive distributor of Strube’s sugar beet varieties in France and also multiplies many of Strube’s varieties in the south of France, while SUET is responsible for the treating, pelleting and encrusting of Strube’s seed in Europe, all of which makes this a natural union.  Both of the new owning companies are renowned family-owned businesses, which will ensure that Strube’s proud heritage of being farmer-focused will continue for years to come.

‘Even better sugar beet varieties will become available to British growers’ – Richard Powell

Richard Powell, Managing Director of Strube UK Ltd, welcomed this exciting development commenting;

‘The new ownership will ensure that Strube remains a strong independent seed breeder.  It will provide supply chain integration from the initial research and breeding, through seed growing and multiplication, to the latest and best seed preparation technologies and processes.

Most importantly, for the British farmer, it will maintain investment into new breeding lines and new technologies to deliver an even stronger breeding programme into the future.  The acquisition will not change our UK team, or our current excellent portfolio of varieties and renowned seed quality. It will ensure even better sugar beet varieties will become available to British growers.’

All Change, No Change

This change in ownership is wholly good news for British beet growers.  It creates a union that will mean Strube will be able to offer even greater levels of innovation and excellence in the future.


If you would like to know more about this important development or would like to know more about Strube’s plans for the coming year, then please get in touch. You can contact us by calling Richard at our Fakenham office on (01328) 851572 or by emailing him by clicking here