Sugar beet seed price: new analysis available on our website

Sugar beet seed price: do you get what you pay for?

There are some very significant differences in the prices of sugar beet varieties and, in these times where all input costs have to be carefully scrutinised, there is definitely some room for cost-effective decision making and savings on input costs.

Take a look at our latest analysis on Sugar beet seed prices which is designed to help you make cost-effective decisions and save on input costs.

Sugar beet seed price: 2016 & 2017 prices

  • We reflect on the prices of sugar beet seed for 2016 sowing and the performance of sugar beet varieties, including Strube’s own Pasteur, Haydn and Thor.
  • We take a view on the  prices to be charged for varieties on the sugar beet seed list for 2017 sowing. With 4 of the new varieties that came onto last year’s Recommended List already gone, before they have even had a commercial harvest, and with 8 new varieties this year, there have been some marked changes!

Sugar beet varieties: which to choose?

We’ve revised our recommendations on which sugar beet varieties to choose if you are affected by BCN: because at £202.75 per unit for Cantona KWS, the equivalent of £243.30 per hectare at the recommended 1.2 units per hectare, they are having a laugh! So what’s the alternative?

Sugar beet seed price: what’s the true cost?

Seed is the vital ingredient in your sugar beet growing, but sugar beet seed is often said to be “expensive”, so lastly, our analysis provides insight into the most sophisticated technology packages that you will find on the farm.

For the full analysis go to our blog post – Sugar beet seed price: latest analysis