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If you would like to know more about Strube Research & Development or any other aspect of Strube’s sugar beet researches, then please do not hesitate to contact the Strube UK team. Alternatively you can contact us by calling Mark at our Newmarket office on 07850 369773 or email him here.

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What do Strube develop?

At Strube we develop premium quality, healthy and high-yielding sugar beet varieties for agricultural cultivation. Strube’s research plant breeding employs cutting-edge facilities and technologies in order to give farmers the very best sugar beet varieties, such as the BBRO/BSPB Recommended List varieties Morgan, Stewart and Button.

To accomplish this we use numerous biotechnological methods which we integrate as tools into our classic breeding operations. Such techniques allow us to accelerate our work and provide a high level of precision in our processes, ensuring we’re highly targeted and can accurately benchmark our success when selecting suitable sugar beet plants and hybrids.

Strube always have one eye on the future and this means we can react quickly to changes in sugar beet profile requirements – such as the recent need for greater disease and drought resistance – for our progeny. We will continue to consider regional characteristics such as climate or disease process when undertaking our sugar beet research in order that our varieties are ideally adapted to their respective growing regions and can give our farmers the quality sugar beet they need.

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