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Growing Sugar Beet In A Time Of Drought

Is 2018 going to be a repeat of the sweltering summer of 1976 and what does that mean for sugar beet growers? Leading agricultural consultant Robin Limb looks to the past to draw conclusions on the future

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2018: The Sugar Beet Story So Far…

Strube’s UK Managing Director, Richard Powell, looks back at the sugar beet story of 2017 and looks forward to another ‘interesting’ campaign in 2019.

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What Does The 2018 Sugar Beet Crop Hold?

What does the 2018 beet harvest hold for the UK’s growers? Will we see another record-breaking year? Consultant Robin LImb looks at what the harvest holds.

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The prospects for UK sugar beet remain bright…against all odds

As we enter a new, and uncertain era for the UK beet sugar industry, Robin Limb takes a look at the challenges and opportunities and argues that against the odds the prospects for UK sugar beet remain bright.

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