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3 New Strube Sugar Beet Varieties for 2023

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Stube UK are pleased to announce 3 new Strube Sugar Beet varieties for 2023 - MORGAN, STEWART and BUTTON - all of which are proven and reliable varieties.

Morgan sugar beet, first Recommended December 2021 is a competitively priced, resilient and adaptable Rhizomania tolerant variety with good sugar yields and good sugar content. It is suitable for all soil types and harvest dates, has good establishment and a large top that gives good ground cover and a full crop canopy later in the season.

Stewart is another good competitively priced variety with Rhizomania tolerance, good sugar yields and above average sugar content making it a good cost effective transport variety. It also has large healthy tops that cover the ground quickly and is suitable for all soil types and harvest dates. Stewart is also suitable for early drilling.

Button sugar beet, first Recommended in December 2021, is a new competitively priced Beet Cyst Nematode (BCN) tolerant variety with good sugar yields, its has one of the highest establishment figures on the Recommended List. Button is listed and grown successfully in other EU countries where BCN is a bigger problem than the UK. It also has some of the lowest bolting figures out of all the varieties on the Recommended List, this makes it very suitable for early sowing.

If you’d like to discuss Strube’s new varieties and which beet varieties are right for your farm please do not hesitate to give Mark a call on 07850 369773 or email him here.

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