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BBRO Sugar Beet Recommended List 2019

‘Growers will welcome the new 2019 Sugar Beet Recommended List, but need to be ready for future threats’

Welcoming the new 2019 Sugar Beet Recommended List, Richard Powell, Managing Director of Strube UK Ltd, commented that with the addition of five new varieties, breeders had again made further advances in crop yield and genetics, adding,

‘The new List for 2019 offers growers a wide choice of both fully proven and popular varieties, together with a range of exciting new varieties from a broad genetic base’.

‘We are delighted that our new variety Gauguin, which has Rhizomania resistance and Beet Cyst Nematode (BCN) tolerance, has joined the List this year. Gauguin is an excellent demonstration of the breeding advances that have been made, with a BCN tolerant variety delivering sugar yields equal to and greater than many leading varieties’.

Increasing Importance Of Bolting Resistance

Richard also pointed out that, with the growing loss of crop protection chemistry, good bolting resistance in varieties will now be of increasing importance.

‘The ability to drill a variety earlier, without the risk of undue bolting, will increase in significance. This is so that we can win the race to 12 true leaves by early May – achieving sugar beet plants of this size can help to make the plants much less attractive to aphids, who will be on the move at this time. Growers should now be concentrating on early bolting resistance more than ever’.

Richard summarised Strube’s new variety, Guaguin, by adding;

‘Gauguin, with its very low early sown bolting – the best of all the BCN tolerant varieties and lowest of any Listed variety in 2017 – is an excellent choice for early drilling. This characteristic, combined with its high sugar yield and BCN tolerance, makes it a good, high-value choice to enable growers to address and mitigate future threats’.

Richard also commented on this season’s late start;

‘After a record-breaking year for beet in 2017, when extraordinary yields were achieved with varieties like Haydn; the majority of this year’s crop has had to be drilled very late into what, in many cases, are not the best seedbeds. We will see what the season brings, but sugar beet is a remarkable and resilient crop and is well-known for its ability to surprise us with its yield, tenacity and recovery”. Contact Strube UK

For further comment on the new Recommended List or the UK sugar beet industry, then please do not hesitate to contact the Strube UK team. Alternatively, you can contact us by calling Mark on 07850 369773 or email him here.

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