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Strube Sugar Beet Visitors

In Strube, the Product Marketing team are the bridge between the sugar beet breeders and the sales and marketing people in the 35 countries around the world where we supply sugar beet seed. It is this department that discusses the particular requirements of individual markets with the beet breeders and ensures that the right material is entered into National trials in each country. Henning and Carolin had already visited the trials in France and Belgium in the preceding week and were destined to visit the trials in Scandinavia the following week.

In the UK, they saw three fine trials in Lincolnshire, a trial in Suffolk and two in Cambridgeshire, before it was time to head for the airport for the evening flight home to Hannover. Henning and Carolin were pleased with what they had seen and agreed that the UK remains a very competitive and fast-moving market. As well as the pursuit of more yield, we agreed that higher sugar contents, reduced respiration for improved storability and very low bolting remained important requirements for the UK market, both now and in the future.

We will anticipate another visit by Product Marketing in September or early October, this time with a member of the breeding department. As well as assessing the varieties and trials at, or before, harvest and seeing what disease is present, we will look to combine this visit with discussions with growers, sugar industry and research colleagues. It is always a pleasure to see colleagues from our parent company, to discuss the matters of the day and of course sugar beet, which, wherever one goes in the world, always seems to provide a common language!

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