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Sugar Beet Farm Walks 2015

Strube sugar beet are holding three outstanding farm walks this July and you are cordially invited to attend one or even all of them. They are as follows:

Wednesday July 1st 2015 at Worlick Farms, Wood Lane, Ramsey, Huntingdon, Cambs, PE26 2XF – courtesy of Lord de Ramsey and Mr Paul Drinkwater (Please note the change of address)

Wednesday July 8th 2015 at Raydon Hall Farms, Orford, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 2BT courtesy of Mr John Grimsey

Wednesday July 15th 2015 at Walcott Farms, Ostend Road, Walcott, Norwich, Norfolk NR12 0NW courtesy of Mr Thomas Love

We are greatly indebted to our hosts, who are among the country’s top beet growers; well respected for their knowledge of their crops, their attention to detail and they enjoy some of the highest sugar beet yields in the country, so we will all have something to learn from them.

Format of Sugar Beet Farm Walks 2015

Each of our farm walks will follow a similar format; a tour of the farm – looking at a range of the crops and hearing the opinions of our host, neighbours and experts, a look at the beet crop and rounding off with a beer and a sandwich whilst we put the world to rights. Each walk will begin promptly at 6.30pm, so please arrive in good time. The walks will go ahead whatever the weather, but please bring wet weather or warm clothes just in case – this is the British summer, after all!

The aim of these farm walks is for beet growers to come together, discuss issues of the day and look at the management practices, farms and crops of other growers. Many growers have told us how much they appreciate the opportunity to learn about how others go about their farming business– be it conservation strategy or weed and disease control, and to simply have a chat.

Of course the walks are also an opportunity for us to show you our varieties, such as Haydn and Pasteur, in a commercial environment and find out from growers what they think of our material and what they would like from us in the future.

Sugar Beet Farm Walks 2015 Locations

Wednesday July 1: Worlick Farm, Wood Lane, Ramsey, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire PE26 2XF – courtesy of Lord de Ramsey and Mr Paul Drinkwater.

Worlick Farm is a classic fenland farm unit of some 1050 hectares (2,594 acres), owned by Lord De Ramsey and managed as part of his Abbots Ripton Estate. Much of the land is highly productive “black land”, but varies greatly, ranging from chalky boulder clay, through sandy clay loam to peat and mineral fen over marine clay, silty clay and gravel. A wide range of crops are grown including wheat, barley, potatoes, oilseed rape, sugar beet, peas and beans. Paul Drinkwater is always an interesting, well-informed and lively host.

PDF Location map Worlick Farm Wood Lane Ramsey PE26 2XF

Wednesday July 8: Raydon Hall Farms, Orford, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 2BT – courtesy of Mr John Grimsey

On the east coast of Suffolk at Orford, this is an astonishingly good, family-run farm growing first class crops of wheats, barleys, oilseed rape and sugar beet. The attention to detail given by the Grimsey family is clear to see and always favours them in farm competitions. All the cereals are grown for seed and the latest varieties of wheat and barley, such as Reflection (Syngenta), Lili (KWS), Beluga (Senova), Evolution (Limagrain), KWS Siskin and KWS Tower, are being grown. Looking fantastic at the moment, this farm is well worth travelling to see. Why not make it a day of it and take in beautiful Southwold and Snape?

PDF Location map of Raydon Hall Farms Orford Suffolk IP12 2BJ

Wednesday July 15: Walcott Farms, The Chimneys, Ostend Road, Walcott, Norwich, Norfolk NR12 0NW – courtesy of Mr Thomas Love.

A fantastic, 600 hectare, family-run arable farm on the Norfolk coast, some 15 miles north-east of Norwich. The farm is primarily Grade 1 soil, despite the fact that the sea is all too close. Cereals account for 320 hectares of the farm with the majority being first wheats with a target yield of 12.5 tonnes/ha.. The rest of the farm includes potatoes, vining peas, celery and of course sugar beet. Mr Love, who is chairman of the Norfolk branch of the NFU, is one of the highest yielding beet growers in the country and well known for his attention to detail.

PDF location map of Walcott Farms Chimneys Farm Ostend Road NR12 0NW

So that we have an idea of numbers, please could you contact Richard on 07449 825628 or email him by clicking here.

I hope we shall see you on sugar beet farm walk very soon.

If you feel that you could host a farm walk in your area, either in the coming season or later, or that your area has been neglected, please do not hesitate to contact me on 07449 825628 or email me by clicking here.

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