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Strube’s Sugar Beet Seed Portfolio 2019: Value And Performance

Strube are committed to providing UK growers with reliable, good-value, high-performance sugar beet varieties. We have a reputation for providing varieties that perform consistently well on farm, are competitively priced and stand the test of time – varieties such as Haydn and Pasteur have proved their value season-in, season-out.

Strube: ‘Beet you’re better off with’

At Strube we understand that every grower needs to keep input costs as low as possible, and there are currently some significant differences in the cost of sugar beet seeds that are worth looking at closely making balancing output versus cost tricky.

This year, we have been promoting our varieties for 2019 as ‘Beet you’re better off with’. This is on the basis of their good value for money and their reputation for reliability. To demonstrate how we can deliver this to you, I’ve constructed the following tables. Both show ‘Sugar Beet Variety Value per £ of Seed Cost’ and Table 1 uses this year’s negotiated beet price, while Table 2 uses the ‘three-year deal’ price. Both tables necessarily use the Recommended List control mean yield of Adjusted Tonnes. Although average farm yields are somewhat behind this figure, the principle remains the same.

You will see that our varieties Degas and Gauguin are right at the top of these lists, offering the best value for money of all 20 sugar beet varieties available. And Haydn, which made up nearly a fifth of the record-breaking 2017 crop and is now in its sixth year, is also very well placed in terms of value.

Sugar Beet variety value per £ of seed cost at £22.50 per Tonne Sugar Beet variety value per £ of seed cost at £20.42 per Adjusted Tonne

Reports From The Field

I have been very encouraged by the many reports of the consistency and reliability of our varieties in the field. Although they are maybe not the prettiest or ‘greenest’ varieties on the farm, sometimes appearing a little pale and interesting, they know how to perform. It is perhaps not surprising that nearly a third of the record-breaking UK crop of 2017 was in Strube varieties and that this year Haydn and Degas will once again be major varieties for UK growers.

With the withdrawal of neonicotinoid insecticide seed treatments and the consequent loss of 12 – 14 weeks of protection, we are undoubtedly facing some challenging times for sugar beet growing. But sugar beet is a versatile and resilient crop and I believe that choice of the right variety is one small factor that could assist us here. Vigorous crops from top-quality seed, capable of very early drilling (Haydn and Gauguin), or mid-early drilling (Degas), will give us the best chance in winning the race to 12 true leaves.

Like To Know More?

If you have any queries or comments, or if we can provide you with any additional information about any aspects of our varieties, or our seed, then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Contact Strube UK

Despite a very hot, dry summer in both France and Italy, we have good stocks of high quality seed available of all three varieties. If you would like to know more about Strube, then please do not hesitate to contact the Strube UK team. Alternatively, you can contact us by calling Mark on 07850 369773 or email him here.

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